Make your own highlight(err)

All that glitters is gold for my soul. And I’ve just discovered what a highlighter is – I gotta make one for myself. And yes you read that right, I just found out that you use that on your face. (The world has moved on while I am still perfecting my eyeliner game)

With some due diligence, this is the easiest (shhh.. not the laziest) method I found. I liked it better than the one with rubbing alcohol because:
a) It’s faster
b) Alcohol makes your skin dry

Here is all you’ll need
Nude/Gold/Silver Eyeshadow colors
Your favourite lotion
Empty container
Stick to mix

1. Take eyeshadow (you can even use foundation powder or bronzer). Tap the stick onto it to break it into powdery form.
2. Put powdered eyeshadow(s) onto container
3. Pour lotion to make it into a paste like consistency
4. Mix, Mix, Mix
5. Try a dab on cheeks and see if it looks good. If you have cool undertones, you can mix more silvery colors into the mix. If you have warm undertones, you can mix bronze, pink, etc. Just go with your gut and add colors you think will suit the mix and you.

If you wanna just eyeball the process:

Make your own higlighter DIY

The tools

Make your own highlighter DIY

My old eyeshadow colors

Make your own highlighter DIY

Mixing lotion with eyeshadow powder

Make your own highlighter DIY

I transferred it to a smaller empty eyeshadow pack

Make your own highlighter DIY

Testing the highlighter

And there you have it! Wasn’t that easy? Think I saved myself $15.
I’ll show you how it looks on my face later. Well, if I get to it. Till then, if you make this and use it, please I’d love to see!