two ingredient hand scrub for men

Two Ingredient Hand Scrub

When it comes to gifting an up-cycled product to a man, I am at a loss for – what to make besides a toilet-paper pen stand?  Surely, there are up-cycled things out there that men want.

On one such extensive men-needs research, I came across this ah-may-zing idea by purple turtle, who was  inspired by Tip Garden – A 2-ingredient hand scrub! Yass!

What you need:
Body wash
Jar to store
Jar decorating skills!

1. Choose a clear plastic or glass jar. (Glass maybe a little risque for slippery -soapy hands)
2. Empty body wash contents into a bowl.
3. Add twice as much sugar as body wash into bowl.
4. Mix with a fork till you get a smooth consistency.
5. Apply a little on your hand to test. If you cannot feel the sugar granules at all, add more sugar.
6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 till you’re satisfied.
7. Pour into Jar.
8. Decorate as you like before gifting

How I decorated this?
Since my orange body wash, mixed with sugar turned out pink, I had to man it up for my friend who would have definitely minded it being that color. So, a bold black ribbon tied in a bow on top, with a printed label saying ‘man hand scrub’, hopefully did the trick. If you’re curious about the cute label, it’s from this free printable that I cut out and stuck on a soft cardboard piece. Then carefully, I copied this font with a black pen on to it.

Before you leave:
Hope you liked this easy-peasy-measy gifting idea. Show me how you did it. Would love love to see it. Tag it with #DIYOutsideIn so I can find it. Also, would be fun to feature your creation photos on this blog post. Let me know if you’d like that.